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Registration, Breakfast & Networking

08:30 AM

Opening Remarks

9:45 AM

Disrupting The Disruptors – Where does blockchain go from here?

by Brock Pierce

10:00 AM

Identity: Pitfalls & Best Practices

by Vinny Lingham, Justin Newton, Armin Ibrahimi, Rouven Heck, Matt Larson (MOD)

10:30 AM

Decentralized Storage

by David Vorick, Gordon Hall, Liz Steininger , Kurt Kumar (MOD)

11:00 AM

Blockchain As A Platform For Fintech And Beyond (NEM)

by Jeff McDonald

11:30 AM

Sense: “airbnb” Your Knowledge

by Crystal Rose

11:50 AM

50 Hardware Wallet Raffle – CryptoHWWallet

by Joseph Wang

12:00 PM


12:05 PM

Algorithmic Trading & how to bring it to the masses

by Martin Froehler

01:00 PM

Startup Track: HelloSugoi, Rega, Coinbot, Etherisc

by Jason Robert, Leonid Morozovskii, James Calhoun, Renat Khasanshyn

01:10 PM

Blockchain Infrastructure 101: Freshly farmed organic ingredients to make your omelette

by Karen Hsu

01:30 PM

State of Hyperledger: Superheroes club – Who does what?

by Oleg Abdrashitov

01:45 PM

Securing IoT Devices with Blockchain

by Hudson Jameson

02:05 PM

Bitcoins Antifragility

by Jimmy Song

02:20 PM

Break: Networking & Beer

02:35 PM

Tokens: Celsius Network, Science Inc, BitClave, Datawallet, Protos, Insights

by Alex Mashinsky, Greg Gilman, Alex Bessonov, Serafin Lion Engel, Brian Gallagher, Tom Kineshanko

03:00 PM

Yours: Getting people paid for creating & discovering good content

by Ryan X Charles

04:00 PM

Decentralized Public Key Infrastructurec (DPKI)

by Greg Slepak

04:15 PM

The State of Blockchain Security: Past, Present, Future

by Michael Perklin

04:35 PM

Block EDU: Education Built On Ethereum

by Nathan Ginnever

04:55 PM

Blockchain: What does it mean for Cybersecurity?

by Sameer Dixit, Tej Aulakh

05:00 PM

Building Cryptosystems: Learn four basic cryptographic tools

by James Prestwich

05:10 PM

Decentralized Marketplace: OpenBazaar

by Brian Hoffman

05:20 PM

dApps Builder, Oracles Network, SweetBridge

by Rafael Soultanov, Igor Barinov, Mac Mcgary

05:30 PM

Anatomy of a Successful Token Sale

by Stan Miroshnik, Nancy Wojtas, Eric Doyle, Vinny Lingham, Alan Soucy (MOD)

06:00 PM

Security Warfare: Your Personal Cyber Bodyguard

by Bryce Case

06:25 PM

Beer with Rapper YTCracker

by YT Cracker

06:40 PM


07:15 PM

Registration Desk Open & Breakfast

08:30 AM

Decentralized Content Monetization: Sense, Yours, Everipedia, Datawallet

by Ariel Jalali, Ryan Charles, Mahbod Moghadam, Serafin Lion Engel, David Wachsman (MOD)

09:30 AM

What is Prism and need for trustless portfolio platform

by Michael Perklin

09:50 AM

Token Sales: Practical Tips and Regulatory Advice from Experts

by Grant Fondo, George Li, Scott Morgan, Wendy Jackson, Cameron Teitelman

10:10 AM

Poor mans non-traditional PR cheat-sheet

by Justin Wu, Brian D. Evans

11:00 AM

Doing a TGE? Assemble your “Dream Team”

by Rob Massey, Matthew Kohen, Malcolm Casselle, Miko Matsumura, Kurt Kumar (Mod )

11:30 AM

Guardian: Global 911

by Mark Jeffrey

11:50 AM

50 Hardware Wallet Raffle – CryptoHWWallet

by Joseph Wang

12:00 PM


12:05 PM

Startup Track:Protoblock, SDK for dApps, Pinkcoin, Totle, Distributed Lab

by Sander Regtuijt, Jay Berg, David Sneider, David Bleznak, Danny Johnson Pavel Kravchenko

01:00 PM

Fireside chat with Jason Calacanis

by Jason Calacanis, Kurt Kumar

01:30 PM

Book Signing by Jason Calacanis

01:50 PM

Investment Frameworks in Token Capital Markets

by Spencer Bogart, Darsh Singh, Tucker Waterman, Stan Miroshnik (MOD)

02:00 PM

Decentralized Home Rental Platform

by Alex Lubinsky



02:30 PM

Tokens: BLOCKv, Greeneum, OPSkin, Swarm Fund, YouNow

by Reeve Collins, Assaf Ben Or, William Quigley, Timo Lehes, Adi Sideman

03:00 PM

The Family Office Perspective on Investing in Crypto & ICOs

by Sam Englebardt, Will Peets, J. Alan Reid Jr, Kavita Gupta, Chance Barnett (MOD)

04:00 PM

Shooting Phish in a Barrel

by Paul Walsh

04:20 PM

RSK and the Internet of Value

by Ariel Muslera

04:35 PM

Presentation by Adam Draper

by Adam Draper

04:50 PM

Future of Token Sales in Regulated Jurisdictions

by Ismail Malik

05:05 PM

Building the Future of Blockchain

by Jason King

05:20 PM

How Knowledge Base Projects Can Change the Status Quo

by Sam Kazemian

05:30 PM

Using Token Dynamics to create network-effect Unicorns

by Gill Penchina

05:30 PM

The Importance of Hardware Wallets for Crypto Currency Investors?

by Joseph Wang

05:40 PM

Universal Basic Income: Answer to Job Automation

by Greg Slepak

05:50 PM

Bitcoin Speculation & Global Economic Dynamics

by Tone Vays

06:15 PM

Afterparty Sponsored by Sense

07:00 PM


Oct 6th (Storage), Oct 7th (SmartContracts), Oct 12 (Trading), Oct 14 (ICO)





Gain insights, clarity and tools to make your ventures better and successful

Learn what works and what does not

Interact directly with Industry executives and businesses under one roof

The only convention that brings Blockchain community together on the west coast

Hear leading Experts from various sectors specializing in Blockchain

Understand where the industry is headed

Connect with people from Blockchain industry and its ecosystem

Connect with the disruptors who are taking market share from the incumbents


Read what attendees are saying!



Tickets are 100% REFUNDABLE 40 days prior to the event date, so go ahead and take advantage of offer price knowing that you can get full refund. Within 40 days of the event, refunds will no longer be possible. However, name transfers will be accepted.

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The map and contact details are listed within the contact information. You will also receive a confirmation email with location map.

What about accommodation?

The cost of the hotel accommodation and travel is not included in the event fee. For corporate accommodation rate, please contact us directly.

Do all attendees get FREE BITCOIN?

Only attendees with DECENTRALIZED passes get free Bitcoin (fractional).

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All payments are processed via Eventbrite. You may also pay at the time of event (…really…you couldn’t have used any of our discounts shown on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc in the last 90 days…and really want to pay $1010.10 …don’t be that guy/gal!). But please reserve your seat by contacting us directly if you intend to be that guy/gal.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

All tickets are refundable before 1st Sept 2018, they are ONLY transferable on and after 1st Sept 2018. If you do send us name changes/transfer requests after Sept 1st, we will send you DMV form that you can use to get your name officially changed to whatever we had on file as that is what will show up on the collectible cards. In case event is cancelled (over our dead body!), full refund will be provided to all.

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