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Ciaran Foley



CEO | Immersive Entertainment, Inc.

Immersive Entertainment is a Southern California Virtual Reality software company developing an epic, story-driven MMORPG Virtual Engagement Platform known as Virtual Universe (VU).

Ciaran Foley has over two decades of diverse startup, executive management and operational experience within a variety of entrepreneurial, high-technology and market-making businesses.

Ciaran Foley is founder and CEO of one of the first global web/application development companies in the world. Led the firm’s growth to hundreds of clients over a decade, including notables NTT/Verio, AT&T, Mail Boxes, Etc., Hughes-Raytheon, Disney, Kodak, and more.

Ciaran Foley has led multiple raises including Series A and multiple Angel round and friends-and-family raises in excess of $3MM.

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